She campaigned for 1) reasonable and fair utility rates, 2) Arizona becoming a leader in renewable energy and 3) encouraging a job-creating business environment.

In the general election held November 6, 2012, she received 775,000+ votes; 13.84% of the votes in a 9 way race. The winners received 16.68%, 16.82%, and 17.46% of the votes. In the primary election held April 28, 2012, she received 30.35% of the votes, sufficient to advance to the general election.

She ran as a Clean Elections Candidate, and in doing so obtained over 1900 qualifying $5.00 contributions, and 8900 petition signatures. Marcia Busching was the first statewide candidate in 2012 to qualify for Clean Elections funding.

The Arizona Corporation Commission provides a number of key services to Arizona residents and businesses. Those include:

  • Regulation of the state’s utilities, including setting public utility rates and ensuring that utility companies are conducting business in a safe, quality manner.
  • Oversight of the state’s pipelines and rail system to support the state’s infrastructure and ensure safe operations.
  • Registration and oversight of the securities marketplace, including protecting the interests of Arizona residents against fraudulent activity while enabling responsible businesses to conduct business effectively.
  • Providing a mechanism for the filing of articles of incorporation for all Arizona businesses, as well as other key legal services for Arizona corporations.

The Arizona Corporation Commission consists of five members who are elected by the public to serve four-year terms. Three of the seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission were up for election in 2012.

Following the election, Ms. Busching has returned to arbitrating, helping legal clients solve complex business and litigation problems, and advising small businesses with their strategic planning. She continues to be interested in politics and in making Arizona a better place to live, work, and raise children. She resides in Phoenix with her husband, daughter and dog Ziggy.

Marcia can be contacted at